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Di cm. 255x375. anta telaio con bugna in legno di frassino tinto colore biancospino - maniglia cromo lucido (vedi foto cucina) N. il prezzo scontato si riferisce al prodotto in offerta (nelle condizioni in cui si trova) esposto nel punto vendita.

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3 Annunci edizione quindicinale paesi - 11 aprile SORESINA In splendido contesto, ottimo appartamento di 3 locali servizi, oltre portico di 25 mq e cor- Riscaldamento a pavimento. Ampio box ACE D - IPE 106,49 ANNICCO In piccola palazzina, al piano rialzato, bellissimo appartamento di 3 locali 2 servizi, 2 terrazzi e cantina. Autonomo.

Furthermore, recent study of TYMS transgenic mice revealed that over-expression of this gene caused pancreatic islet hyperplasia and islet cell tumors (55). Importantly, mutations at the active site of this enzyme diminished the ability of tumor formation in mice, suggesting that imbalance of nucleotide pools by increasing levels of TYMS enhances mutations and thereby causes oncogenic transformation. TYMS has been recognized as an effective target for anti-cancer therapy, and several inhibitors of TYMS have been used clinically for over 30 years. Among these drugs, 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) has been widely used for many types of cancer; however, 5-FU is known to have unwanted side-effects due to its broad specificity. Recently, several analogs of folates have been developed as a new class of TYMS inhibitors, and some of them are currently in clinical trials.

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