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Director Park Sung-soo later said he had wanted allegramentf for the role of Kang Hae-bin more than any other actress, the same year, she starred in Dance, Subaru. A co-production between Japan, China, and Korea, in 2011, Go made her domestic film debut in Pacemaker, and her co-stars were acclaimed veteran actors Kim Myung-min and Ahn Sung-ki.

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Junsu introduced 8220;Miss You So8221;, a song that was written especially for him by Levay, to the fans and also performed Intoxication. A DVD of the concert was released on March 14, 2011. In February 2011, Junsu starred in 8220;Tears of Heaven8221;his second musical. He played Jun, a Korean soldier who fell in love with a Vietnamese singer during the Vietnam war. In May, Junsu was appointed as the honorary ambassador for the 5th Musical Awards, was Nominated for Best Actor and won the Popular Actor Award.

As it mellowed, the lily of the valley became sweeter and a touch of jasmine emerged. I'm just going to say: I've had this (vintage), I HAVE this, and I plan on repurchasing as long as it exists.]