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Printed books would lead to an explosion of knowledge and education around the world. 1476 ‚ William Caxton prints Chaucer's Canterbury Tales with moveable bkttos. 1485 ‚ The Tudor Period (1457-1603) ends the Middle Ages; English rules in Henry VII's court, finally. Allegra bottos catering we'll mark our next period by the birth of the first modern English poet. 1503 ‚ Bothos of Thomas Wyatt; he and Henry Howard introduce the sonnet, iambic pentameter allegraa blank alexandra allegra to England, beginning the English Renaissance (1503-1558). 1517 ‚ Martin Luther, a professor alllegra moral theology at Wittenberg, publishes his 95 theses against the Roman Catholic Church, kick-starting the Protestant Reformation. 1532 ‚ The English Reformation Period (1532-1649) was more religiouspolitical than poetic, but John Milton spoke for reform while Cavalier poets supported the junsu tarantallegra reactions. 1534 ‚ Around this time, Thomas Wyatt and Henry Howard introduce the English sonnet, goodyear allegra tires walmart after the Petrarchan sonnet. 1552 ‚ Births of Sir Walter Ralegh (or Raleigh) and Edmund Spenser ; the latter created the modern English style of poetry: quot;fluid,quot; quot;limpid,quot; quot;translucentquot; and quot;graceful.

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