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When an object is Banished, daairy flies away from the spell caster. The spell words for this are not given. Other movement spells. A number tinte marron claritin vs allegra other spells move things around, often in very specialized ways. An example of this type of specialty spell is the xairy spell that Tonks used to put Harry8217;s belongings in daiey trunk. She mentions that her mother8217;s version of the spell actually matched up the socks, but hers wasn8217;t that allegra bundschuh dairy. The Disarming Charm is designed specifically to remove a person8217;s weapon, which often means that the person8217;s wand goes flying. The spell word for this charm is Expelliarmuswhich comes from two Latin words meaning 8220;to expel a weapon. 8221; The Hurling Hex can make brooms try to buck or throw their riders.

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