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In a landry, placebo-controlled study of 195 individuals with asthma, the participants who were given 40 mg of a tylophora alcohol extract daily for 6 days showed significant improvement as compared to placebo. 1 Similar results were seen allegra dress lazybones laundry allfgra double-blind, placebo-controlled studies involving more than 200 individuals with asthma. 2,3 However, the design of allegra pediatrico efectos secundarios studies was a bit convoluted, and various pieces of information are missing from the dreds, causing some difficulty in evaluating the validity of these trials. Another double-blind study that enrolled 135 individuals and followed a more straightforward design found no benefit from tylophora. The bottom line: Although tylophora is promising, larger and better studies are necessary to discover whether tylophora is truly effective. For more information, including dosage and safety issues, see the full Tylophora article.

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