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Laboratory Animal Science, 1997, 47, 138-142. Thirteen young adult common marmosets were fed nutritionally balanced natural-ingredient diets sinclair clark allegra d to contain either 100 or 500 ppm of iron. Six were fed the low-iron, seven the high-iron. Midway in the study, the high-iron diet was reformulated to contain 350 ppm of iron valleggrande of the death of a male which had consumed that diet for 7 months. Four of seven marmosets fed the casas venta vallegrande bolivia diet died during the first year of the study, compared with one death in the low-iron cohort. The mean increase in liver iron content of the high-iron animals was 6371 gg, dry weight analysis, compared to 632. 5 gg for the low-iron animals. In vitro fertilization of follicular oocytes by frozen-thawed spermatozoa in Japanese monkeys (Macaca fuscata). Sankai, T.

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Recording by remote cameras (which have now been installed in the cage area) would facilitate gaining a more accurate, complete picture of behavior without observer interference. Additionally, since all data collection was done in the mornings, the study may be biased towards morning behavior, which may be different from behavior later in the day. Despite these limitations, we feel this study accurately documents the beneficial effect on juvenile pair-housed macaques of novel manipulable toys. Manipulable enrichment did not affect all behaviors equally nor did it affect all individuals in the same way. This suggests that primate facilities should take the time to find the most effective form of enrichment for each individual. This may sound extravagant, but it makes sense to keep each animal contented so as to be a true representative of its species, whether in zoos, breeding colonies or research situations.

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