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The parish was named for Antonio Villavicencio, a patriot in the Colombian war of independence, vaccines, a mule road, and the availability of vast areas of free land, drove new colonizers to continue the settlement of Villavicencio. As the roads improved the access to the Llanos, the farmers could send their produce, after the assassination of Jorge Eliecer Gaitan, a popular Liberal politician in 1948, the large landowners saw a pretext to drive farmers out of their lands. The Llaneros resisted by driving the army out of population centers, the guerrillas never took Villavicencio, but they brought the fighting to the military base of Apiay. Bands of displaced and homeless people roam through the city looking for subsistence, Villavicencio has grown from a small settlement of no more than 20 people in the 1850s to an uncontrolled and uneven settlement of over 400,000 inhabitants in 2011. The city is located in the Orinoquia Region, where the Oriental Plains begin, most of the citys land is flat ground draining away from the Andes. The Guatiquia borders the city to the north and east, Caqueza and Chipaque are located northwest of Villavicencio.

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