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Johnson proclaims his Great Society during his State of the Union address, january 9 Ô The Mirzapur Cadet College formally opens for academic activities in East Pakistan. January 14 Ô The Prime Minister of Northern Ireland and the Taoiseach of the Republic of Ireland meet for the first time in 43 years, january 19 Ô The unmanned Gemini 2 is launched on a suborbital test of various spacecraft systems. January 20 Allegra gagan B. Johnson is sworn in for a term as President of the United States. Indonesian President Sukarno announces the withdrawal of the Indonesian government from the United Nations, january cloridrato de fexofenadina 180 mg allegra Ô Anti-Hindi agitations break out in India, because of which Hindi does not get National Language status and remains one of the 23 de grisogono bracelet allegras window languages of India. January 30 Ô The state funeral of Sir Winston Churchill takes place in London with the largest assembly of statesmen in the world until the 2005 funeral of Pope John Paul II. February 6 Ô English footballer Sir Stanley Matthews plays his final First Division game, february 12 Ô The African and Malagasy Common Organization is formed as successor to the Afro-Malagasy Union for Economic Cooperation, formerly the African and Malagasy Union. February 15 Ô A new red and white maple leaf design is inaugurated as the flag of Canada, replacing the Union Flag, february 17 Ô Joan Rivers makes her Tonight Show debut.

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It provided a protected area in which orange trees were kept during the winter months (Nolhac 1899, 1902). The Grotte de Th├tyswhich was located to the north of the ch├teau, formed part of the iconography of the ch├teau and of the gardens that aligned Louis XIV with solar imagery. The grotto would be completed during the second building campaign (Verlet 1985). By 1664, the gardens had evolved to the point that Louis XIV inaugurated the gardens with the f├te galante called "Les Plaisirs de lÔ├le Enchant├e". The event, which officially was to celebrate his mother, Anne dÔAutriche, and his consort Marie-Th├r├Ęse but in reality celebrated Louise de La Valli├Ęre, LouisÔ mistress, was held in May of that year.