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In the earth-wire system, alternate wires in the fence are connected to the soil to provide the ground to complete the circuit. When the animals, monkeys for example, can jump onto the fence and avoid contacting both the ground and the fence simultaneously, the earth-wire system is necessary, because the animals are insulated from a shock if all the wires are live (this is why birds can sit on electric power wires). In countries where electric fencing was developed and is extensively used, such as New Zealand, it is most commonly used for enclosing cattle and sheep, but also pigs, deer, horses, and ratites, and is used for excluding wild deer, rabbits, and possums. Consequently, most experience with such fences is with nonclimbers in conventional farming situations.

EUR 10,50 EUR 12,00 spedizione. Milano nel 1907 Teatro Dal Verme La Vedova Allegra di Franz Lehar. EUR 17,50 EUR 4,50 spedizione.

Nature immunology (2012) ;13: (2):113‚5.]