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Independent study opportunities in animal behavior for graduates and undergraduates also abound either as an extension of the main course or as a stand-alone part of a summer at the biological station. Introductory college-level biology is a prerequisite, and courses in genetics or evolution are recommended. The instructor is Dr. Paul J.

Christian crosses are used widely in churches, on top of buildings, on bibles, in heraldry, in personal jewelry, on hilltops. Crosses are a prominent feature of Christian cemeteries, either carved on gravestones or as sculpted stelae, roman Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran depictions of the cross are often crucifixes, in order to emphasize that it is Jesus that is important, rather than the cross in isolation. Large crucifixes are a prominent feature of some Lutheran churches, as illustrated in the article Rood, several Christian cross variants are available in computer-displayed text. The Latin cross symbol is included in the character set as 271D.]