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Via Anedda, 5A - 43122 Parma (PR) Presidente Matteo Comastri. Vice Presidente Giuseppe Bisquadro.

Update (n): The all consuming drug that keeps the mind of the Homestuck fandom firmly fixated on the adventures of John Egbert and company. What is the WORST Homestuck fanfiction. - Page 5. homestuck has a very large. you39;re like a rocket propelled spaz maggot springloaded up the ass of a psychedelic fucking freakout weasel on idiot drugs so lets. [MMD] Homestuck On Drugs - YouTube.

Toti acestia, victimele credule, agresorii vicleni, sunt copii neiubiti care fie sunt perversi cu ei insisi fie cu altii, unii lupi, alti oi naive.]