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"Why should she have to park?" balks Donatella. "Who wants to deal with that?" While her mother's accent is flamboyant Italiano, Allegra's is a soft hybrid of Brit and American, and in many ways she seems her mother's diametrical opposite: shy, introverted, even a little bit hesitant. After all, Allegra knows there's much curiosity about her, the private heiress scion of a famous family. Even those outside the industry are aware of Gianni Versace's legacy and, no doubt, his will. When he died tragically in 1997, he left his shares in the company a whopping 50 percent to Allegra, the daughter of his sister and former modelcurrent Versace executive Paul Beck.

MT: Ti dico quattro nomi, due jazzisti e due protagonisti del rock: Bird, Chet Baker, Jimi Hendrix e Jim Morrison.]