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I thought that it closely resembled how I really feel about things and life. Jasmine Guy : I'm a consumer. I spend a lot of money with no reservations. It's something psychological. When I'm not working, I go shopping. Jasmine Guy : (about her character Roxy Harvey) She was different from anything I had played. She was hard. She was asexual.

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So let‚s venture out into the light never ever turn back, we‚re on an boundless journey: a magnificent, wild trek ‚ I hope we never get there, let‚s break down in a wreck, camp in the back of the car ‚ wish for you on a shooting star. let‚s soak up all the sun‚s rays, drive down endless highways, we‚re going, going, till we‚re gone, let the world hear us sing this song: with young hearts and old souls, with firewood and camping coal, with dreams in our pockets, and stars in our eyes, let‚s chase down these days like the sun at dawn, and watch each other RISE. Pop, fizz, clink.]