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Deunan Knute, a soldier and one of the Global Wars last survivors, is rescued by Hitomi. Knutes escape attempt is stopped by her former lover Briareos Hecatonchires and she realizes that the l allegra fattoria ristorante morini had ended and she is in a Utopian city called Olympus. Its population is half-human and half-clone, a species called Bioroids. Olympus is governed by three factions, Prime Minister Athena Areios, General Edward Uranus III, head of the Olympus Army, everything in the city is observed by an artificial intelligence named Gaia from a building called Tartaros.

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Characterization of a novel, highly potent and selective RET inhibitor with antitumor efficacy in RET dependent models.

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Salvadoran Civil War ‚ part of the war conflicts, reached its peak in the 1980s,70,000 Salvadorans died. Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, sparking the Falklands War and it occurred from 2 April to 14 July 1982 between the United Kingdom and Argentina as British forces fought to recover the islands. Britain emerged victorious and its stance in international affairs and its long decaying reputation as a colonial power received an unexpected boost.]