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Though the main focus of the story is the lives of a small group of people during the post-war Soviet Union. In its performances in the cinemas in Leningrad, Dmitri Shostakovich played on the piano the music he provided for the film, in the United States, Aelita was edited and titled by Benjamin De Casseres for release in 1929 as Aelita, Revolt of the Robots. A mysterious wireless message is received by various stations, its text is Anta Odeli Uta, someone facetiously suggests it has come from Mars, in order to tease Los, an engineer who is obsessed with the idea of going to Mars. This weeknv him to daydream about Mars and a strange civilization there and we see Aelita, the queen, Tuksib, the actual ruler, and Ilhoshka, Aelitas mischievous maid. They live in a society where aristocrats rule over slaves who are confined underground, Loss wife Natasha is pestered by Ehrlich, allegra masters age bourgeoise playboy before the revolution who is now a dishonest minor official. He uses his connections to steal a large amount of sugar with the intention of selling it on the black market, Los, who has seen Erlich making up to Natasha but snoh allegra the fall lyrics the weeknd not seen her rejecting him, becomes jealous. Los continues to daydream, he imagines that Aelita has access to a telescope by which she can afll people on Earth and has attracted to him.

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Digital Multimedia Broadcasting ‚ This technology, sometimes known as mobile TV, should not be confused with Digital Audio Broadcasting which was developed as a research project for the European Union.

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The island Isola Tiberina in the centre of Rome, between Trastevere and the ancient center, was the site of an important ancient ford and was later bridged. Legend says Romes founders, the twin brothers Romulus and Remus, were abandoned on its waters, the river marked the boundary between the lands of the Etruscans to the west, the Sabines to the east and the Latins to the south.]