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However, the only basis for this recommendation consists of a few, older, preliminary test tube studies that suggest it might inhibit the release of inflammatory substances from special cells called mast cells. The asthma drugs Intal (cromolyn) and Tilade (nedocromil) are believed to work in this way. However, there is significant direct evidence from human trials that Tilade and Intal taken by inhalation actually work. In contrast, no such evidence exists for quercetin taken in any manner; and it is highly unlikely that oral intake of quercetin could produce levels in the body similar to the levels used in those test tube studies. Alternative medical literature frequently mentions magnesium as a treatment for asthma. However, this idea seems to be based primarily on the use of intravenous magnesium as an emergency treatment for asthma.

December 3 Berkeley Free Speech Movement: Police arrest about 800 students at the University of California, Berkeley, following their takeover of and massive sit-in at the Sproul Hall administration building. The sit-in most directly protested the U. Regents' decision to punish student activists for what many thought had been justified civil disobedience earlier in the conflict.]