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Barring the fact that it is unrealistic any parent would say this no matter how angry they got, especially one who had seven allegra stool 66cm is how many inches worth of being built up as loving and loyal to a fault and desperate for a family, Harry later goes on to apologize to Albus in the final scene of the book. HARRY: But the thing that scares me the most, Albus Severus Potter, is being a dad to you. Because Im operating without wires here. Most people at least have a dad to base themselves on and either try to be or try not to be. Ive got nothing or very little. So Im learning, okay. And Im going to try with everything Ive got to be a good dad for you.

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Kayla C. Becker. Orlando, Florida Area. Entertainment Reporter at WESH 2 Orlando. Belmont University 2009 2013.